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  • 🥣 Apple is Putting Mark Zuck Out of Business

🥣 Apple is Putting Mark Zuck Out of Business

PLUS: How to generate Pixar-style animals in Midjourney

What’s up? This is The AI Crunch. Black Mirror season 6 is coming soon. I heard it’s gonna be a docuseries now.

Here’s what’s gonna blow your mind today:

  • Apple Vision Pro… Oculus is now officially an antique

  • Midjourney tutorial: how to generate Pixar-style animals

  • 3 crunch-certified AI tools

  • Woman marries a Replika AI bot

😎 Apple Vision Pro Is Here

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the new Apple VR/AR headset.

And all I can say is… “Step aside Zuck.”

Compare this to the Oculus and it’s night and day.

Vision Pro is controlled through hand gestures, your voice, and even eye movements. You can use iOS apps that already exist too, so there will be zero waiting for “Vision Pro Apps” to come out.

Remember in the 90s and early 2000s when we all we heard was, “Don’t sit to close to the TV?” Well soon, everyone might have one on their face…

If you’re willing to eat the hefty price tag of $3499.

Lucky for us, it comes out early next year, so we’ve all got some time to save (and maybe take a second mortgage out on the house).

Link to full video here —>

🎨 Make Pixar-Style Animals With Midjourney

How can you make any animal cuter?

Unless they’re ugly, you pretty much can’t.

But, here’s the second best option: Pixar-style animals.

Here’s how to make a Pixar-styled image of any animal of your choosing:

Realistic 3d render of a happy, furry and cute baby penguin smiling with big eyes looking straight at you, Pixar style, 32k, full body shot with a light blue background --s 750

Here’s what it spits out:

Reminds me of Happy Feet a little bit.

You can customize this however you want. Different animal, different background, etc.

AI Visual Of The Week

The homies posted up at Area 51.

3 Crunch-Certified AI Tools


Plan trips from start to finish - the AI travel agent.

Eleven Labs

Create funny voiceover deepfakes of anyone you want.

Freepik AI

The FREE Midjourney - generates beautiful visuals using Stable Diffusion.

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