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PLUS: Stability AI's Bots Raid Midjourney

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SMIA: DeepMind's Gaming Co-op AI, Akin to R2-D2's Versatility

SMIA, Google DeepMind's latest AI creation, resembles a tech-savvy R2-D2 in the gaming universe. Unlike traditional game-playing AI, which typically focus on mastering one game, SMIA is designed to learn and adapt across multiple 3D games, akin to how R2-D2 navigates through different scenarios. What sets SMIA apart is its ability to not only play games but also understand and act upon verbal instructions, much like how R2-D2 communicates and interacts with its human counterparts.

SMIA was trained on vast amounts of video gameplay data provided by humans. By associating visual representations with actions and interactions observed in these videos, SMIA learns to understand commands and perform tasks across various games. This approach allows SMIA to generalize its learning, enabling it to perform well even in games it hasn't been exposed to before.

Just as R2-D2 evolves and adapts to different environments in the Star Wars saga, SMIA aims to become a cooperative companion for gamers, capable of receiving and executing instructions in real-time. Its ability to learn from human behavior and adapt to different game mechanics mirrors R2-D2's versatility and problem-solving skills. While SMIA's development represents a significant advancement in AI-driven gaming companionship, ongoing research into similar open-ended AI collaboration promises even more exciting possibilities for the future of gaming.

Midjourney Bans Stability AI Staff Over Alleged Bot Data Scraping

Midjourney has taken drastic action against Stability AI, banning all of its employees from its service due to alleged data scraping activities that caused a significant outage. The outage, which lasted nearly 24 hours, was attributed to "botnet-like activity" from two accounts linked to Stability AI employees, according to Midjourney's investigation. The ban comes as Midjourney introduces a new policy to prevent similar incidents, targeting any company engaging in "aggressive automation" or causing disruptions to its service. Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque has responded, denying the allegations and stating that the actions were unintentional if carried out by an employee, sparking ongoing investigations into the matter. The situation highlights the ongoing tensions and ethical concerns surrounding data scraping practices in the generative AI industry, drawing attention to the need for stricter regulations and consent protocols.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Midjourney debuts feature for consistent characters (VB)

  • Cognition Labs released Devin, an autonomous AI software engineer (CL)

  • Meta is reportedly buying $3B-$10B worth of Nividia GPUs (M)

  • Google starts rollout of AI guardrails ahead of global elections (Y)

  • Meta releases new AI ad tools (MAS)

  • Perplexity adds Yelp reviews to its search chatbot (TV)

  • Musk to open-source Grok (SA)

  • GPT-4.5 rumored to be coming soon (X)

  • DoorDash’s released AI-powered ‘SafeChat+’ (TC)

  • Cohere's releases new model, Command-R (CH)

  • Ahead of US elections, Midjourney blocks photos of Biden and Trump (AP)

AI Funding

Thomson Reuters: Reportedly has an $8B war chest for AI-focused deals (FT)

Tavus: Generative AI video startup raised $18M (BW)

Prescient AI: Startup providing media measurement raised $10M (PRN)

SuperAGI: AI platform building 'large agentic models' raised $10M (TC)

Milu Health: Startup using AI to drive cost savings in healthcare raised $5M (BW)

Velou: AI-powered data enrichment and search platform raised $4M (FN)

Limbic: Clinical mental health AI company raised $14M (FN)

Theia Insights: AI-driven investment platform raised $7M (VB)

Jabali: Generative AI game engine startup raised $5M (FN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Dola: Sync your calendar and life in seconds on a messaging app

  • AirDraw: Paint in 3D with your hands, using AirDraw’s augmented reality

  • Sonauto: Turn prompts, lyrics, and melodies into full songs

  • Vmaker Video Editor: Turn raw video into publish-ready content

  • Bland Web: Automate your calls with Bland’s AI voice assistant

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