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PLUS: GPT Store and Google's Gemini Delays

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Google’s Gemini Further Delayed

So, Google's latest AI brainchild, Gemini, is taking a little longer to show up to the party, now expected in early 2024. Apparently, it's having a bit of a moment with non-English prompts. Google's been hush-hush about the delay, quietly rescheduling their big shindigs in New York, Washington, and California without much ado.

Gemini is not your average AI – it's like the Swiss Army knife of artificial intelligence, handling text, images, and a whole lot more. It's rumored to outdo OpenAI's GPT-4, thanks to its beefier computing power. Think of it as an AI superhero that doesn't just understand your words but can whip up images and web content from thin air.

With Google already playing in the AI sandbox with Bard, Gemini's entrance could really shake things up. Analysts are betting that once Gemini hits the scene, it might just steal the spotlight from ChatGPT and friends. Here's to waiting for the new kid on the block!.

OpenAI’s GPT Store Release Pushed

OpenAI's GPT Store, basically an app store for AI, is taking a rain check on its launch. Previously set for a grand debut this year, it's now playing the 'I'll show up when I feel like it' card, eyeing an early 2024 launch. Why the delay? Well, it's likely thanks to the company's recent leadership tango that had everyone doing a double-take.

When grilled about how they plan to handle the financials of this store, the big wigs at OpenAI, including briefly ex-CEO Sam Altman, gave a shrug-worthy "we'll see." Not exactly confidence-inspiring, right?

The drama at OpenAI HQ and the looming holiday season likely played a part in hitting pause on the launch. For now, OpenAI's clientele can still whip up their GPTs and share them, but they'll have to wait for the store's grand opening to see them in the spotlight and maybe make some cash off them. Patience is a virtue, or so they say!


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • OpenAI agrees to buy $51M of AI chips from Sam Altman affiliated company (W)

  • AI generated Tik Toks will soon be on your feed (X)

  • Perplexity releases two online models (P)

  • Microsoft incorporates DALL-E 3 into Paint (WL)

  • Google built an AI model that developed 2.2M potential new materials (A)

  • Uber goes viral for using AI images for food (X)

AI Funding

ThoughtExchange: AI-powered engagement and survey platform raised $14M (FM)

AI Tools

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  • Taplio: Grow your personal brand on LinkedIn

  • AI Social Bio: Automatically generate your social media bio

  • Instantly: Automate outreach campaigns for more replies & revenue

  • Robin: Automate sales outreach with Robin AI - no human needed

  • RivalFlowAI: Improve existing content with RivalFlowAI

  • Bunni: Chat to your PDF documents

  • Face Shape AI: Your personal face analysis companion

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