🥣 TikTok's New AI Chatbot

PLUS: How to build a website in 60 seconds with AI

What’s up? This is The AI Crunch. We’re like your favorite trivia game - entertaining, informative, and sure to leave you with some fire AI facts that’ll impress at any party.

Here’s the fresh pot of AI we got brewing today:

  • AI generated image pulls a fast one on the stock market

  • TikTok + AI collab? Meet Tako.

  • How to build a website in 60 seconds with AI

  • BMW is experimenting with AI-designed cars

AI Prankster Tricks Wall Street With 1 Picture 🤯

Strap in because AI is out here playing a real-life version of the telephone game, but with fake news.

A picture of the Pentagon getting all "Michael Bay" on Twitter had people freaking out and stocks doing the limbo...

Everything’s fine… It was just a teeny, tiny apocalypse.

Before you could say "what the?", it got debunked faster than Lightning McQueen on caffeine (accidental bars, right there).

But hey, the internet is even faster, and that image had already made its tour.

Now we're left wondering, is AI the guilty party?

The plot thickens! The tweet was put on blast by a Russian state-media Twitter account - it's only got a casual 3 million followers, no big deal.

Sure, the tweet's evaporated now, but not before it stirred up more conspiracy theorists than a UFO sighting.

The "breaking news" broke at 10:06 AM ET. By 10:10, the market shrunk faster than the time you accidentally put your favorite sweater in the dryer.

Strange times we’re living in, squad. Stay sharp.

Meet Tako. TikTok’s new AI ChatBot.

TikTok is not happy with just dominating our free time. It’s now dipping its toes in the AI chatbot pool.

Meet the new digital sidekick, "Tako" (not to be confused with your favorite Tuesday meal)…

It’s not yet taking center stage in the U.S., but getting some practice elsewhere.

And Tako isn't your typical chatbot, either. 

Imagine a cross between a game show host and a sidekick from a sci-fi movie - it lives right next to your profile, fielding your questions about videos with gusto.

"Why did that cat slap the cucumber?" No worries, Tako’s got you covered.


… brace yourself for this twist - Tako comes with a footnote: "we might be wrong".

It's like having that buddy who's great for a laugh, but has a habit of botching up trivia answers.

You love them, but you’re not calling them as your hotline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

The search for the "cool" continues, and in this tug-of-war, Google might just have to pull harder.

TikTok vs. Google – who will win the AI wrestling match? Stay tuned!

Visuals Of The Week

This week we’ve got a very exciting change of pace for our visuals.



Discord: GemDragon2992

Absolutely love it. I’m lookin jacked from holding my spoon right there. Appreciate the kind words in art form.

Discord: Kiwi Corporal

Shoutout Kiwi on this one. Dentists hate me for how beautiful my teeth are in this.

Discord: horribleskeleton

Me in this pic: “Sup, baby?” 😉

Sorry… got a little carried away there…

Someone must’ve put some rizz in my bowl today - started overflowing on the keyboard.

For real though…

Thanks for the submissions. And I can’t wait to see what you all think my name should be.

This AI Will Build You A Website In 60 Seconds

Website designers are quaking in their boots right now (not actually)…

This website is one of the coolest and most useful tools I’ve personally seen.

It allows you to type in any product idea, side hustle, or random website idea you might have…

And it will whip that bad boy up in 60 seconds flat.

You can pick themes and colors like you're at an ice cream sundae bar, and they even throw in a ready-to-go email collection form.

Whether you're launching a digital store or just want to make a random website…

This is a must have for your AI tookit.

Go on, make a website that's hotter than a jalapeno in a heatwave!

Quick Bites

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