🥣 TikTok Attempts To Steal ChatGPT

PLUS: Tesla Releases Humanoid Teaser

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TikTok Attempts To Steal ChatGPT

Oh, the drama in the AI world! ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is on the defensive, saying its use of OpenAI's tech was totally above board, countering claims that it was sneakily building a rival AI service. They're like, "No, no, we were just experimenting with OpenAI's API, nothing to see here, folks." Apparently, this little experiment was nixed back in April to stay in line with OpenAI's terms, which are pretty clear about not using their stuff to make competing models.

ByteDance insists they still play with OpenAI's API, but just a little bit, you know, for benchmarking and stuff. Meanwhile, OpenAI's gone all 'parental control' and suspended ByteDance's account, saying, "Hold up, let's make sure you're playing nice."

OpenAI's new GPT-4 Turbo is setting the bar high, leaving Chinese firms scrambling. And with China's booming LLM scene, some are wondering if they're just making too many AI models for their own good. It's like a soap opera over there in the AI industry, but with more code and fewer love triangles.

Tesla Releases Humanoid Teaser

Tesla, never one to shy away from the spotlight, is teasing us again with a new image of its Optimus humanoid robot prototype. Remember last year when they brought a person in a robot costume on stage and everyone thought it was a joke? Well, joke's on us because Elon Musk, Tesla's maestro of mayhem, is dead serious about this robot business.

Originally, Tesla's AI Day #2, the sequel to their self-driving car rave, was set for the same day a year later. But Musk, in his usual style, tweeted a delay to September 30, hinting at a possible working prototype of Optimus. Cue dramatic music.

Now, at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, Musk teases us with just the robotic hands of Optimus. He’s really into this project, even boldly claiming that this robot biz could overshadow Tesla's car empire. Optimus, apparently, is not just a fancy toy; Musk sees it as a game-changer for labor shortages and the economy.

So, what’s Tesla's plan? Use their EV know-how in power electronics and batteries, and slap on some AI brains. And voilà, you get Optimus. Musk is aiming for production in 2023, because why waste time? In the world of Musk, it's go big or go home, and with Optimus, he's definitely not heading home.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Google unveiled MusicFX, its next-generation AI music generator (MF)

  • OpenAI says the board can overrule CEO on safety (BM)

  • NYC Council member-elect Susan Zhuang admitted to using AI (TV)

  • Anthropic will help users if they get sued for copyright infringement (TV)

  • Imprisoned ex-PM of Pakistan campaigns via an AI voice clone (TV)

  • Rite Aid hit with 5-year ban after reckless AI & surveillance usage (TV)

  • Pika Labs released ‘Modify Region’ tool (X)

  • TomTom is teaming with Microsoft to launch an AI-powered voice assistant for vehicles (R)

AI Funding

Martian: Raised $9M for LLM routing (X)

StreamSets: Acquired by IBM for $2.3B (TC)

VideoVerse: LLM startup raised $54M (YS)

Peptris: Raised $1M for AI drug discovery (FEHC)

KAID Health: Medical AI startup raised $9M (FN)

Shelpful: AI-empathy startup raised a $3M (VC)

Agtonomy: AI agriculture startup raised $23M (FN)

Crowda: AI real estate platform raised $2M (FN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • AI Undetect: AI content generation with detection bypass

  • IllumiDesk: Create interactive courses 10x faster with AI

  • YTClass: Elevate your YouTube learning experience with AI

  • ypho: AI-Powered artistic portrait creation platform

  • AI GIFs: AI-Powered GIF generation tool

  • Proseable: AI-Powered language learning assistant

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