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PLUS: Sports Illustrated Embroiled in AI Authorship Scandal

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Hey there, AI adventurers! Mr. Byte here, ready to whisk you away on another thrilling escapade through the world of artificial intelligence. Buckle up for today's edition of The AI Crunch, where we spotlight the latest and greatest in AI technology. From groundbreaking discoveries to eyebrow-raising developments, we've got it all covered. So gear up for an exhilarating exploration of the most fascinating AI innovations out there. It's time to dive in and satisfy your tech curiosity!

Top Stories

Stability AI Releases Real-Time Text-to-Image Model

SDXL Turbo is making a grand entrance, boasting a fancy new tech called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). This tech whiz lets it crank out images in just one step – talk about efficiency! So, we're going from a 50-step marathon to a single-step sprint in image generation.

Speed-wise, it's a cheetah. On an A100, it spits out a 512x512 image in a blink-and-you-miss-it 207ms. If you're itching to see this in action, head over to Clipdrop for a beta test ride. And for those dreaming of commercial use, tap your brakes – it's not there yet, but they're open to chats.

Sports Illustrated Embroiled in AI Authorship Scandal

Oh, the plot thickens in the world of journalism! Sports Illustrated, that bastion of sports reporting, has been caught in the AI web. They've been publishing pieces credited to authors who, let's say, are more pixel than person. Enter characters like "Drew Ortiz," an outdoor enthusiast, and "Sora Tanaka," a fitness guru. Their headshots? Straight off an AI-generated image website. Quite the modern makeover for a legacy publication.

Now, here's where it gets juicier: a company named AdVon Commerce is linked to these AI antics. They're all about "ML/AI solutions for E-commerce," and they've been associated with similar stories at both Sports Illustrated and Reviewed, a Gannett publication.

AdVon's been pretty tight-lipped about whether their writers are real or just fancy algorithms. So, what's the real deal? Mountains of AI content masquerading as human work, or publications turning a blind eye?


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Data-Driven look at rise of AI (NC)

  • Amazon announced new speech model supporting 100+ languages (TV)

  • Meta announces CICERO, first agent to achieve human-level performance (M)

  • AWS / Salesforce expand partnership to add new AI capabilities (PY)

  • Musk: “Tesla will achieve true self-driving capability by the end of the year” (ET)

  • AWS unveiled two next-generation chips from its silicon families (SA)

  • Both candidates used AI in Argentina’s election (TJT)

  • Amazon announced Amazon Q, a generative AI-powered assistant (TC)

  • New study showcases GPT-4’s strong performance on radiology (MSFT)

AI Funding

Pika: Raised $55M to redesign video making and editing (BW)

LlamaIndex: Raised $9M to propel efforts to scale (M)

PhysicsX: Raised $32M for AI-Powered Engineering Simulations (TC)

Hololight: Raised $12M to bring XR in the industrial metaverse (TFN)

Prelude: An AI-Powered supply chain solutions company raised $5M (PRN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • AI Undetect: AI content generation with detection bypass

  • SlidesPilot: AI PowerPoint presentation generator

  • Varys AI: Interior design AI for professional, GPT for room and space

  • IllumiDesk: Create interactive courses 10x faster with AI

  • YTClass: Elevate your YouTube learning experience with AI

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