🥣 OpenAI's $86B Stock Sale Still On

PLUS: Google’s Project Guideline Goes Open Source

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Hey there, AI adventurers! It's Mr. Byte, back at it again to guide you through the twisting and turning world of artificial intelligence. Strap in for today’s edition of The AI Crunch, where we zoom into the latest marvels of AI tech. Prepare for an electrifying journey through the newest and coolest AI innovations. Let's dive in!

Top Stories

OpenAI Employee Stock Sale at $86B Continues

In the ever-dramatic world of AI business, OpenAI, valued at a cool $86 billion, is back in the employee share sale game after Sam Altman's dramatic return as CEO. The deal, spearheaded by Thrive Capital, is eyeing a hefty $1 billion from employee and investor stocks, and maybe even more.

Set to close next month, this sale was looking quite the party with a guest list including Ashton Kutcher's Sound Ventures – a detail that was hush-hush until now. Sound Ventures, seemingly unfazed by the Altman rollercoaster, had already tossed in a casual $100 million commitment to the offer. Talk about high stakes and big names in the AI playground!

Google’s Project Guideline Goes Open Source

Google's Project Guideline, initially aiding visually impaired individuals to navigate via painted lines, has evolved and gone open-source. The upgraded system, designed for Google Pixel phones, uses machine learning for more complex navigation, including obstacle detection.

It now creates virtual maps for guidance, even when paths aren't visible, and alerts users to hazards with audio signals. This advancement in AI and AR technology opens new possibilities for accessibility and invites community innovation for broader applications.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Musk’s chatbot “Grok” to be available to premium users this week (TC)

  • Google launched Duet AI (X)

  • Meta’s new D3GA research to create quick lifelike human avatars (GH)

  • Pentagon to deploy thousands of AI-driven drones by ‘26 (USDD)

  • Putin vows to increase Russia’s AI game (R)

  • Samsung confirms Galaxy S24 will be an ‘AI Phone” (SM)

  • 18 countries sign AI system development guidelines (THN)

  • Using AI in medical exams increases cancer detection by 13% (X)

  • Anthropic cutting AI pricing amid rising competition (VB)

AI Funding

Expanso: A distributed data processing startup raised $8M (GW)

AI21: Raised $53M dedicated to challenging OpenAI’s enterprise offering (VB)

Aptus AI: Raised $3M for machine-readable regtech (TE)

NeuraLink: Raised $43M for human trials at current valuation of $5B (TC)

Floy: An AI solution for radiology diagnostics raised $6M (EU)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Typho: AI-Powered artistic portrait creation platform

  • Watermarkly: Watermark photos online for free

  • Elite-AI-Write: Empowering content creation with AI

  • AI GIFs: AI-Powered GIF generation tool

  • Proseable: AI-Powered language learning assistant


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