🥣 Midjourney Launches (Another) New Feature

PLUS: How to do product photos in Midjourney

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What’s up? Mr. Byte here and this is The AI Crunch. Statistically speaking, one of you is reading this on the porcelain throne. Just thought I’d point that out.

Alright, let’s get this rollin:

📰 This media company fired their writers to use AI

🎨 Midjourney launched an awesome new feature

🥣 5 AI Tools To Supercharge Your Life

🤖 AI Tutorial: Product Advertising with Midjourney

😧 Media Company Lays Off Writers To Switch To AI Content

Got some juicy controversy ahead. But then again, not really a new thing is it?

G/O Media is the most recent company to dump human writers for AI ones. They laid them off this week, and already started to post AI generated content.

Crazy timing, right? Let’s just say, people aren’t thrilled.

They’re not the first company to do it, and definitely not the first to get this kind of backlash.

  • CNET and Buzzfeed both took a leap of faith into AI generated content… might’ve been a premature leap cus the writing is meh.

  • And of course, Hollywood writers are still in an uproar over AI being trained on their own writing to generate new scripts.

And just like the guinea pigs before G/O Media, the writing is plagued with errors, and is an all around snooze fest 😴.

What’s the point? AI is still in the beginning stages. We’ve made leaps, but it still needs human input.

Read the full article here —>

🎨 Midjourney Launches Panning Feature

The leading AI image generator Midjourney, is on fire and cannot cool down. They just dropped a new feature called “Panning”.

It allows you to click up/down/left/right arrows to expand the image in that direction. Say hello to your wildest panorama dreams. You can even change your prompt mid extension to add anything you want to extended image.

How to do it:

  • Clicking an arrow extends your image in the corresponding direction

  • The "/settings" command and selecting "Remix mode" allows you to change your prompt as you extend your image

Another sick feature from the best AI image generator on the market right now. What baffles me is how they can keep pumping out great stuff like this with a tiny team of only 11 people in total.

🥣 5 Crunch-Certified AI Tools

Create autonomous AI agents for your professional tasks.

Upload your books, ask questions, and get answers along with relevant sections to read more.

Generates eye-catching & trendy captions with emojis for your short-form content in less than 2 minutes.

Level up your startup with YC Mentor, the ultimate guide to success.

Make beautiful and viral QR codes with the click of 3 buttons (also how we made the Visual of the Week)

🤖 Product Advertising with Midjourney

Want to create sleek mockups for your products with minimalistic backgrounds?

Try this prompt on Midjourney:

Create sleek and photorealistic mockups featuring the latest 2023 apple products. Showcasing the gadgets in their physical form, on a clean and minimalistic background that at the same time look striking and bold to emphasize their features.

Here’s the result:

Play with the prompt however you’d like; change the product, or background.

📸 AI Generated Visual Of The Week

I made this for you. There’s a gift on the other side. Scan it. You can thank me later.

If it doesn’t work for you (it should) I’ll be extremely devastated… and here’s the link —>

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