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Midjourney Dives into AI Video Creation, Ramping up Industry Competition

Midjourney, the AI image wizard known for its Discord server residency, is now stepping into the world of AI video creation. It's like they've decided playing with images isn't cool enough anymore. CEO David Holz announced they're gearing up to train a "text to video" model, aiming to launch it in a few months. In the AI realm, that's like saying "we'll be ready after a couple of coffee breaks."

Midjourney isn’t one to rush things for the sake of speed. They took their sweet time adding features like inpainting and outpainting, and even text generation, long after other platforms made them standard.

But here’s the kicker: they're diving into a pool already crowded with players like Stability AI's Stable Video Diffusion, Meta’s EMU, Pika, Runway ML, and others like Leonardo AI who are already doing the video thing.

The recent Midjourney V6 update, with improved image realism, shows they're serious about staying in the game. As these companies race to dominate AI video generation, the creative and media industries are perched on the edge of a revolution, teetering on a world where AI reshapes our reality. So, grab your popcorn; the AI video creation saga is just getting started.

GPT Store to Open Next Week

OpenAI is finally rolling out its GPT Store next week, a shop for all your custom AI app needs. This store is their latest brainchild, where developers can list their GPT-based creations, as long as they play by OpenAI's rules and go public.

These GPTs, which can be crafted without needing to know how to code, range from answering your cooking queries to keeping developers in check with coding best practices. Developers have been tinkering with these GPTs since OpenAI’s DevDay but haven’t been able to flaunt them publicly until now.

But here’s the catch: how (or if) developers will make money from this store is still up in the air. OpenAI's been tight-lipped about any revenue-sharing plans, leaving everyone in suspense.

It's a bold move by OpenAI, shifting from just dishing out AI models to creating a whole platform. This could shake things up, potentially giving the boot to consultancies that charge big bucks to make what’s essentially now a DIY project with GPTs. Whether this is good news or bad depends on who you ask, but one thing’s for sure – the AI landscape is about to get a lot more interesting.


Quick bites to start your morning:

AI Funding

Perplexity: AI-powered search engine raised $74M at +$500M valuation (TC)

Luma: 3D AI model building startup raised $43M (TC)

Impact Analytics: AI-powered merchandising software startup raised $40M (BW)

ArenaX Labs: AI-centric game studio raised $6M (PRN)

Xaba: AI software startup focusing on CNC machines raised $2M (BW)

CharacterX: Decentralized AI social network raised $3M (FN)

QuantHealth: AI-powered clinical trial design platform raised $2M (CT)

Robin AI: AI-powered legal copilot raised $26M (FN)

Nabla: AI assistant for doctors raised $24M (TC)

Hatz AI: A startup allowing MSPs to build an AI-as-a-Service business raised $3M (PRN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Kits AI: Create, train, and share custom AI voice models

  • HireDev: Simplified AI-Powered recruitment

  • Solvemigo: AI-Powered chat assistance on telegram

  • Attune Health: Attune Health mobile app

  • CogiX: Elevate your business with all-in-one AI capabilities

  • Mr. Cook: Your AI-Powered recipe generator

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