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PLUS: Google Plans ‘Pixie’ AI Assistant for Pixel Phone

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Midjourney Alpha Is Here

Oh, look who's getting a facelift - Midjourney Alpha's website is now all spruced up and ready for the image-generating big leagues! If you're one of those who's created a small digital universe of 10k images or more, you're in for a treat. First off, crafting prompts is easier than ever. Forget the Discord gymnastics; now it's just a few clicks away.

But wait, there's more. Dive into the "Explore" tab and you'll find yourself swimming in a sea of public prompts, perfect for sparking your next digital masterpiece. And for the nostalgic ones, Midjourney's got a memory lane of all your past prompts, neatly tucked away on its website.

The cherry on top? You can now upload an image and get a smorgasbord of descriptors to play with, making recreating images a piece of cake. Sure, the website version of Midjourney isn't new, but the ability to prompt directly on the website? That's a game-changer, making our lives a tad easier and our image-generating journeys a bit more fun!

Google Plans ‘Pixie’ AI Assistant for Pixel

Google's at it again, folks! This time they're spicing up the smartphone AI game with their new assistant, Pixie, set to debut in the upcoming Pixel 9 series. Move over, Google Assistant, Pixie's coming through, all souped-up with the Gemini Nano large language model. What's the big deal, you ask? Well, Pixie's not just your regular question-answer bot. It's more like your personal digital butler, tapping into your Gmail, Maps, and who knows what else, to cater to your every whim.

And here's the kicker: Pixie's rumored to handle tasks way beyond the usual fare. Think of it suggesting stores based on your photos or dishing out personalized recommendations. All this, with the brains of Gemini Nano, means Pixie can flex its AI muscles without even needing the internet. Talk about being self-sufficient!

Pixie's debut could be a game-changer for Google's Pixel 9 series, giving users a whole new reason to choose Pixel over other Android phones. If Pixie lives up to the hype, Google might just have a secret weapon in the cutthroat smartphone market. So, let's see if this digital sidekick can turn the Pixel 9 series into everyone's new tech crush.


Quick bites to start your morning:

AI Funding

Citrusx: Raised $5M to create an ML governance and monitoring platform (FM)

Harvey: Legal AI startup reportedly valued at $700M (TI)

Relevance AI: Raised $10M to offer a low-code platform to create AI agents (M)

Tacto: Raised $54M to optimize supply chains (V)

Arcane: Raised $5M to develop its AI assistant (FM)

Neurophos: An AI computation solutions company raised $7M (FM)

Vitruvian: AI-driven strength trainer raised $15M (NA)

Deep Apple Therapeutics: AI-driven drug discovery startup raised $52M (PRN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Julius: Data analysis and visualization tool

  • Attune Health: Attune Health mobile app

  • Word Genie: AI-Powered search for tailored information retrieval

  • AI2006: Your personalized AI assistant through text messaging

  • Boba: Your AI ideation partner for research and strategy

  • CogiX: Elevate your business with all-in-one AI capabilities

  • Spot AI: Unleash answers effortlessly

  • Book Witch: Use the power of AI to create complete e-books

  • Detect GPT: Detect if webpage content is AI-generated

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