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Microsoft Launches Copilot Pro

Microsoft is making moves with Copilot, its AI-powered content creator, eyeing it as a future cash cow. After enticing more than 40% of the Fortune 100 with its early access program, they're now launching a consumer-focused Copilot Pro plan, priced at $20 per user per month, and easing up on restrictions for business users. Copilot Pro is an add-on to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plans, boosting the total cost to $27 a month. It offers nifty features like writing, editing, and summarizing in Word, and turning plain language into snazzy presentations and data visuals in Excel and PowerPoint.

Don't worry, Outlook users, you're not left out. Copilot helps draft emails, tweaking the length or tone to your liking. Plus, Copilot Pro subscribers get some perks in Designer, like speeding up image generation and prioritizing access to the latest AI models, including the fancy GPT-4 Turbo.

For businesses, Copilot is now available for a wider range of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans, with no minimum user requirement. The business version includes a Teams feature for real-time meeting summaries and action items, and a back-end system for more relevant responses.

So, Microsoft's betting big on Copilot, aiming to make it a major player in AI-generated content. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for them.

AI Takes Center Stage at 2024 World Economic Forum

At the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos, it's out with the old and in with the AI. Crypto, once the belle of the ball, has taken a backseat to the new hotshot in town: artificial intelligence. Seems like everyone's caught AI fever, thanks to the ChatGPT frenzy. Big names like Intel and Salesforce are strutting their AI stuff, turning Davos into a flashy billboard for the future of tech.

Even the investment world's getting the memo. AI and machine learning startups are raking in the big bucks, leaving Web3 and decentralized finance in the dust. Nvidia’s stocks are soaring, proving AI's not just a flash in the pan.

The crypto crowd, though a bit quieter this year, isn't throwing in the towel. They're embracing the shift, focusing more on banking and finance, and less on tech razzle-dazzle. Bitcoin's making waves with a 150% rally and a shiny new ETF, proving it's still a player in the game. So, while AI might be hogging the spotlight, crypto's not out of the race just yet. It's just that now, the World Economic Forum's got a new favorite child.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Google Cloud launches new AI tools for retailers (CNBC)

  • The Rabbit has sold out two 10K batches of their AI device in 2 days (TV)

  • OpenAI signs up 260 businesses for corporate ChatGPT (V)

  • OpenAI is democratizing governance with $1M in grants (CG)

  • Google is guarding its AI talent from leaving to join OpenAI (TI)

  • Adobe adds audio AI features in Premiere Pro (TV)

  • AI girlfriend bots are already flooding OpenAI’s GPT store (Q)

  • Toyota's robots are learning to do housework (W)

  • OpenAI removed a ban on using its technology for military purposes (TIT)

  • Tesla’s Optimus robot was recently recorded folding a shirt (X)

  • NVIDIA / Amgen announced drug discovery partnership (MDN)

  • Apple to shutdown 121-person San Diego AI team (Y)

  • -46% of CEOs surveyed by PwC expect AI to boost profitability in the next year (PWC)

  • More than 1/3 of all VC money in 2023 went into in AI startups (NVCA)

  • Victoria’s Secret is partnering with Google for new AI shopping experiences (VS)

AI Funding

Spot Technologies: AI logistics startup raised $2M (TC)

Artisight: AI-Powered smart hospital platform raised $42M (PRN)

Quora: AI chatbot platform raised $75M (TC)

GolfForever: AI-powered home trainer raised $10M (NA)

CellVoyant: Raised $10M for AI-driven stem cell therapies (BPR)

Sakana: AI startup building small models raised $30M (B)

Peerlogic: AI-powered dental practice platform raised $6M (PRN)

Ask-AI: Israeli-Canadian startup providing an AI answers raised $11M (FN)

ThayerMahan: Autonomous maritime surveillance startup raised $20M (FN)

PhotoRoom: AI-based photo editing app raised $60M (TC)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • GymGenie: Create custom workout routines based on individual gym goals

  • Profile Picture AI: Create perfect profile pic with AI

  • Quizgecko: AI-powered quiz generator to make trivia questions & answer

  • HoppyCopy: Create high-converting emails quickly with AI-generated copy

  • TutorAI: AI-powered learning platform; enter topic, get learning options

  • Talk To Books: Explore books with AI

  • Munch: Create clips from long-form videos to maximize social media exposure

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