🥣 Meta To Train AI On Private Data

PLUS: IKEA Launches AI Shopping Assistant

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Zuckerberg's AI Feast: Meta's Ambitious Buffet of User Data Raises Eyebrows

In Meta's financial ballet, Mark Zuckerberg pirouettes into uncharted territory, revealing plans to fuel their artificial intelligence (AI) aspirations with a buffet of private user data extracted from Facebook and Instagram. While many AI models nibble on news snippets, Zuckerberg eyes the grand feast of billions of images, videos, and text posts, enticing whispers of advancements in conversational agents and chatbots. This audacious move, however, raises the curtains on a privacy drama, spotlighting concerns about ethical implications, content moderation challenges, and the potential minefield of biases within the colossal data pool.

As Zuckerberg unveils his playbook, emphasizing learning from unique data and feedback loops, the article doesn't shy away from highlighting the potential leaps in AI capabilities. Yet, it remains a vigilant observer, underscoring the importance of addressing privacy concerns, ensuring ethical AI practices, and complying with data protection laws. The rollercoaster of Meta's AI ambitions has just begun, and with privacy at stake, the ride promises both excitement and trepidation for the billions entrusting their digital lives to Zuckerberg's vision

IKEA Launches AI Shopping Assistant

IKEA is flipping the script on home design with its groundbreaking AI assistant, making its debut exclusively on the OpenAI GPT Store. This tech-savvy tool promises a personalized shopping experience by harnessing the power of AI to deliver tailored furniture and décor suggestions. Users can now interact with the IKEA AI assistant, sharing their unique design requirements, and in return, receive customized recommendations that consider room dimensions, personal style, and sustainability preferences. It's not just about selecting furniture; this AI companion also offers design inspiration, shares real-life home transformation stories from the global IKEA community, and provides expert furnishing advice.

From minimalistic designs to artistic collections, users can navigate through thousands of products with the assistance of AI, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable home design journey. Currently available to GPT Plus users in the US, IKEA plans to roll out its AI Assistant to additional markets accessible through ChatGPT later in 2024. So, if you're ready to redefine your living space with a touch of AI flair, IKEA's AI Assistant is here to transform your design aspirations into reality.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Google renames Bard to Gemini (X)

  • Meta to label AI-generated content (TC)

  • EU unanimously approves the AI Act (TC)

  • Amazon launches AI shopping assistant (A)

  • More than 80% of VC pitches now involve AI (TC)

  • The FCC to make AI-generated robocalls illegal (TC)

  • Roblox rolls out real-time AI translation for all users (TG)

  • AI lobbying spikes 185% as calls for regulation surge (CNBC)

  • Google released MobileDiffusion, text-to-image on mobile (G)

  • Meta is building its own AI chips to lessen its reliance on Nvidia (R)

  • Britain announced a $125M investment to educate regulators on AI (R)

  • Bumble launched a new AI-powered tool called Deception Detector (TC)

  • MidJourney hired a hardware engineer from Apple Vision Pro to be "Head of Hardware"👀 (X)

AI Funding

Colossyan: Startup building AI video for workplace learning raised $22M (FN)

Synthetaic: Startup using synthetic data to train AI models raised $15M (TC)

Dexa: AI-Powered search engine raised $6M (FN)

Jua: Startup building an AI model for the physical world raised $16M (TC)

Vektor Medical: Startup developing a AI arrhythmia analysis raised $16M (BW)

Podcastle: AI-driven podcasting platform raised $14M (TC)

ArteraAI: A developer of predictive and prognostic cancer tests raised $20M (BW)

LightBeam.ai: Palo Alto-based zero trust protection company raised $18M (FN)

CitySwift: An AI-powered platform for optimizing public transportation raised $8M (EU)

Semron: Secures $8M for industry-first 3D AI semiconductor chips (EU)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Beeyondai AI: Your all-In-one AI digital assistant

  • Papermark: Open source docsend alternative

  • Alter AI: Generate professional headshots from selfies

  • Vibrato: Voice AI phone calls

  • Video Summary AI: Educational summaries of long YouTube videos in your language

  • Caption: Generate social media posts with ease

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