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PLUS: Microsoft to Invest $3.2B in UK AI Infra

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Meta Releases Seamless: Bridging Language Barriers with Expressive Real-Time Translation

Seamless is revolutionizing the world of translation with a focus on real-time, emotionally nuanced communication across different languages. Unlike traditional translation systems that often miss the subtleties of human speech like tone, emphasis, and rhythm, Seamless aims to capture these elements, making conversations feel more natural and expressive. This breakthrough technology isn't just about translating words; it's about conveying the emotions and style behind them, ensuring that the essence of communication is not lost in translation. Picture having a conversation with someone who speaks a different language, and instead of awkward pauses or emotionless responses, you get immediate, fluid translations that reflect the speaker's true intent and feelings.

This means no more waiting for a speaker to finish before getting a translation, which can disrupt the natural rhythm of dialogue. Meanwhile, SeamlessExpressive focuses on preserving the emotional and stylistic aspects of speech, from the speaker's rate of speaking to their emotional tone. This makes for a translation that's not just accurate in language, but also true to the speaker's original expression. In a world that's increasingly interconnected, Seamless is a giant leap towards breaking down language barriers, enabling more authentic and meaningful global interactions.

Microsoft to Invest $3.2B in UK AI Infra

Oh, look who's splashing the cash in the UK – it's Microsoft, dropping a cool £2.5 billion ($3.2bn) on AI infrastructure. With plans to bring over 20,000 fancy GPUs to the UK by 2026, Microsoft is eyeing expansions in London, Cardiff, and possibly up north. But wait, there's more – they're on a mission to train a million people in AI skills.

This isn't your average tech investment. Microsoft's going all-in, partnering with top UK universities like Cambridge and Oxford, and ensuring even AI newbies get a shot at becoming whizzes. Plus, they're not skimping on safety, pouring resources into robust AI security measures. This includes playing nice with their 25,000 UK partners, ensuring everyone's on the same page about responsible AI.


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AI Funding

AI Companies with Most Funding

Total AI VC Investments Over Time

Big Tech’s Investments Into AI Companies

Rich Data Co: AI decisioning platform raised $18M (PRN)

ORX AI: A provider of AI healthcare solutions raised $10M (PRN)

Valid8 Financial: AI-powered forensic accounting startup raised $9M (PRN)

Together AI: Raised $102M to create open source generative AI (TC)

Biolexis Therapeutic: a clinical-stage AI drug discovery company raised $10M (PRN)

Syrup: Raised $18M to expand AI-powered inventory forecasting platform (P)

AI Tools

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  • AsktheDoc: Simplify research, summarization, and information extraction within your documents

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  • Faraday: Chat with AI Characters on your desktop

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