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Hollywood Begins AI Cloning

CAA seems to be venturing into a sci-fi realm with its new initiative, CAA Vault, where Hollywood stars can literally clone themselves into AI versions. It's like having a backup actor ready to step in for reshoots, dubbing, or even risky stunts. The agency is partnering with AI companies to scan everything from facial features to vocal nuances, creating these virtual doppelgangers. It's a bold move that could revolutionize how movies are made.

This step by CAA reflects the growing impact of AI on Hollywood. The industry has been wary of AI's capabilities, with Tyler Perry pausing his studio expansions due to OpenAI's Sora video tech. CAA's initiative signals a proactive approach to embrace AI rather than fear it. It's about leveraging technology to enhance creativity and efficiency in filmmaking.

The potential implications are vast. Imagine a future where AI replicas of stars become indistinguishable from the real deal. This could democratize access to top talent, making it easier and more cost-effective to create high-quality content. However, it also raises ethical and artistic questions about authenticity and the human touch in entertainment. CAA's move is both groundbreaking and thought-provoking, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the entertainment industry.

Meta Ray-Bans Go Multimodal

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses are getting even smarter with the introduction of multimodal AI. This new feature allows an AI assistant to process various types of information like photos, audio, and text, making these glasses more than just a stylish accessory. While they may not replace your phone entirely, they offer a convenient way to identify things on the go, adding a touch of tech-savviness to your everyday adventures.

Despite some initial skepticism surrounding AI gadgets, the early access beta of Meta's AI on these smart glasses shows promise. Sure, it can be confidently wrong at times, like mistaking a Giulia for a Tonale in a lineup of cars, but it's also capable of impressive feats, like correctly identifying different plant species or spotting a groundhog in your backyard.

One of the strengths of these glasses lies in their familiarity and ease of use. Paired with your phone, the AI responses are quick, and since they double as headphones, talking to them feels less awkward. The AI shines when it comes to identifying things while you're out and about, seamlessly integrating into your existing habits without the need to pull out your phone every time curiosity strikes.

However, there are limitations, especially in tasks that don't align with typical usage scenarios. For example, wearing them indoors as sunglasses may limit their AI utility. Yet, the Meta Smart Glasses offer more than just AI capabilities; they excel as livestreaming glasses, POV cameras, and comfortable headphones, showcasing a versatile blend of style and functionality in the realm of wearable tech.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • Boston Dynamics unveiled a new and impressive version of its Atlas robot (NBC)

  • OpenAI filed a motion to dismiss Elon Musk’s lawsuit (B)

  • Coca-Cola partners with Microsoft and commits $1.1B in cloud and GenAI spend (MSFT)

  • Elon Musk made a comment on X stating that the integration of xAI’s Grok chatbot with Tesla vehicles is ‘coming’ (X)

  • Adobe announced its latest text-to-image model, Firefly 3, which is available in beta in Photoshop (A)

  • OpenAI published new research on how to build stronger models that resist being tricked into unsafe actions (X)

  • Google’s new chips look to challenge Nvidia, Microsoft, and Amazon (QZ)

  • US Air Force confirms first successful AI dogfight (TV)

  • Microsoft announces phi-3 models (CU)

  • Sakana unveils Japanese image model (SAK)

  • A roastery in Finland introduced ‘AI-conic’, a coffee blend created with an AI model that analyzed appealing flavor profiles and combinations (AP)

  • A new study found that ChatGPT-4 surpasses human doctors in medical board residency exams across various specialties (X)

  • Drake's new song uses AI-generated Tupac and Snoop Dogg vocals (V)

AI Funding

Datakalab: French AI startup was acquired by Apple (925)

Perplexity AI: AI-Powered search platform raised $63M at a valuation over $1B (B)

Paraform: AI platform that connects startups to recruiters raised $4M (TC)

Oden Technologies: Raised $29M to launch a suite of AI products for manufacturing (AW)

Prime Intellect: Raised $6M to create a decentralized AI platform and protocol giving access to compute and intelligence (FN)

Neubird: Which uses AI to help IT operations teams monitor cloud systems, detect issues, and quickly find solutions, raised $22M (TC)

AI Squared: Helping businesses deploy AI into their operations secured $14M (PRN)

Langdock: AI assistant that lets you connect multiple LLMs with your data, raised $3M (SM)

ClaimScore: Raised $3M to offer tested and validated AI and machine-learning-based anti-fraud software solutions for class action settlements (LAW)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Brandblast: Automates social media content creation and posting

  • FileDrop: Generates Google Sheets formulas in seconds

  • MiniFigureAI: Turns headshots into mini-figures

  • SecBrain: Record everything with your AI second brain.

  • FinChat v3: Redefine the way you do equity research.

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