🥣 Google Workspace Unveils Next-Gen Updates

PLUS: Gemini 1.5 Pro's New Features

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Hello AI aficionados! Buckle up for a wild ride through the latest AI discoveries in this edition of The AI Crunch. We're diving deep into the cutting-edge of technology, unveiling hidden gems that push the boundaries of what's possible. Ready to explore the thrilling world of AI with us? Let's jump in and discover together!

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Google Workspace Unveils Next-Gen AI Innovations

Google Workspace is stepping up its game with a slew of new AI-powered tools and security features that promise to revolutionize how businesses operate. Imagine a world where creating compelling videos for work is as easy as pie, thanks to Google Vids, an AI-powered video creation app. This app can generate storyboards, suggest scenes from stock videos, and even help with voiceovers, making everyone at the office a potential Spielberg.

But wait, there's more! Google is also rolling out AI-powered meetings and messaging add-ons that can take notes for you, translate conversations in real-time, and even summarize meetings. It's like having a virtual assistant that never takes a coffee break. And let's not forget about security, because who doesn't love a good dose of peace of mind? With AI Security add-ons, your sensitive files in Google Drive get the VIP treatment, automatically classified and protected to keep prying eyes at bay.

The cherry on top of this tech sundae is the integration of Vertex AI with Google Workspace, allowing custom AI agents to streamline workflows and save time. Just ask Bristol Myers Squibb, who's churning out clinical trial documents faster than you can say "post-quantum cryptography." With all these innovations, Google Workspace isn't just a suite of productivity tools; it's a game-changer, empowering businesses to work smarter, safer, and maybe even a little bit cooler.

Gemini 1.5 Pro: New Features and Global Availability

Gemini 1.5 Pro has expanded its reach to over 180 countries, offering developers native audio understanding, system instructions, JSON mode, and more. This update, available via the Gemini API in public preview, empowers developers to create innovative applications using the model's enhanced capabilities.

One of the key highlights is the addition of native audio (speech) understanding, allowing Gemini 1.5 Pro to process audio inputs alongside text and images. Developers can now leverage this feature to unlock new use cases, such as generating quizzes from lecture recordings or analyzing audiovisual content for insights.

Furthermore, Gemini API improvements include system instructions that guide the model's responses, JSON mode for structured data extraction, and enhancements to function calling for improved reliability. These enhancements provide developers with greater control over the model's behavior, making it easier to tailor outputs to specific use cases.

Additionally, developers can access the new text embedding model, text-embedding-004, which offers improved retrieval performance compared to existing models. This enhancement opens up opportunities for more accurate and efficient text analysis and retrieval tasks within applications powered by Gemini 1.5 Pro.

Overall, these updates in Gemini 1.5 Pro and the Gemini API pave the way for enhanced AI-powered applications and streamlined development experiences for developers worldwide.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • AI generates 3D city maps from single radar images (SES)

  • Microsoft plans to invest $2.9 billion in AI in Japan (R)

  • Meta almost bought a major book publisher to train its AI models (TG)

  • Meta confirms that Llama 3 is coming next month (TC)

  • eBay launched a new AI-powered "shop the look" feature (EBY)

  • OpenAI’s allegedly used YouTube data for AI training (TH)

  • Claude 3 can now interact with external tools such as retrieving files (X)

  • AI training data gold rush surges (R)

  • How Google lost ground in the AI race (FT)

  • Meta's platforms will start tagging AI-generated content (AX)

  • Oracle and Palantir announced a partnership to deliver secure AI cloud solutions (PRN)

  • Microsoft is confident Arm-based Windows devices could finally beat Apple Macbooks in AI performance (TV)

  • Sam Altman and Jony Ive seeking funding for personal AI device (MR)

85% of all AI projects fail, but ours succeed

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AI Funding

Anthropic: Received a $3B investment from Amazon (WSJ)

xAI: Looking to raise $3B (TET)

Robovision: AI computer vision startup raised $42M (FN)

Brandtech Group: Generative AI marketing raised $115M (FT)

FLock.io: UK-based decentralized AI training platform raised $6M (FN)

Manifold: AI-powered clinical research platform raised $15M (FN)

Archetype: Which builds AI for physical reality raised $13M (L)

Higgsfield: AI video generator raised $8M (BW)

Prem Labs: Raised $14M to enhance and advance open-source AI technologies (MW)

iKala: Marketing efficiency AI-driven tools platform raised $20M+ (PVC)

Ivo: Gen AI-powered contract review solution raised $5M (BW)

ValidMind: AI model risk management platform raised $8M (BW)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Udio: Incredible music, vocals and control over creativity

  • VoiceNotes: Dump your thoughts, revisit with AI

  • ShortsGenerator: Create viral shorts in minutes from a script

  • Morphic: A fully open-source AI-powered answer engine

  • RedCom AI: Generate personalized comments on Reddit

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