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Top Stories

Microsoft Launches Copilot AI App for Apple Devices

iPhone and iPad users, rejoice! Microsoft's Copilot app has finally landed in the Apple App Store, ready to give Siri a run for her money. Initially an Android exclusive, this AI-powered sidekick arrived on December 29, a neat little holiday present for Apple enthusiasts. It's like having a mini-genius in your pocket, thanks to its use of GPT-4 and DALL-E 3.

Downloading Copilot is a breeze. Once you've got it, you can start bombarding it with questions or just play around with sample queries. The cool part? No Microsoft account needed for basic use, but if you want to dive deep into lengthy chit-chats, you'd better sign in.

You can type or talk to Copilot, and it'll not only respond but also read the answers back to you. Tired of its voice? Just hit the mute button. Feeling creative? Upload a photo and watch Copilot analyze it like a pro. Flip the GPT-4 switch for smarter answers, and let DALL-E 3 whip up some artwork from your descriptions.

What can this digital genius do? Draft emails, write stories, summarize texts, plan trips, update resumes, and more. With DALL-E 3, it's also your personal artist for social media content, logos, and even storyboards.

But why another AI app when Bing Chat exists? Microsoft's just spreading the Copilot love, already a star in its Windows, Microsoft 365, Azure, and GitHub universes. Bing Chat, juggling AI chatbot duties with search engine tasks, might feel a bit crowded, whereas Copilot is all about that sleek, simple AI experience. So, whether it's drafting the next bestseller or just asking what's for dinner, Copilot's ready to assist.

New York Times Sues OpenAI and Microsoft Over Copyright Infringement

The New York Times is throwing down the legal gauntlet against OpenAI and Microsoft, accusing them of a classic case of 'I'll take that, thank you' with their AI models. The Times claims these tech giants have been feasting on its articles to train their language models, which now apparently spit out content that sounds suspiciously Times-esque. This, they argue, is not just uncool but also hits them where it hurts – in their wallet, affecting subscriptions and ad revenues.

The lawsuit paints a dire picture for journalism, arguing that AI models like ChatGPT and Copilot are dining out on the hard work of news outlets without paying a dime, which could be a threat to the industry. Meanwhile, Microsoft and OpenAI are apparently making bank from this setup.

The Times says it tried playing nice, aiming for a deal to get fair value for its content, but no dice. Now, they're asking the court to make the tech duo cough up "billions of dollars" in damages and to stop using their content to feed their AI beasts.

While OpenAI plays the 'surprised and disappointed' card, saying talks with the Times were going well, Microsoft is playing it cool with no immediate response.

In the world of news and AI, it's a mixed bag: while the Times and others are blocking OpenAI's web crawlers, some are jumping on the AI bandwagon, like Axel Springer and the Associated Press, who've struck deals with OpenAI. The Times' lawsuit could be a defining moment in the showdown between traditional journalism and AI-driven content. Let the legal drama unfold!


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • OpenAI’s 2023 revenue has reportedly topped $1.6B (SA)

  • Entrupy unveiled an AI tool that analyzes photos to authenticate luxury brands (BLN)

  • Elon Musk predicts AI movies will be a reality in 2024 (X)

  • Samsung’s new AI fridge will design recipes for you (FB)

  • Nikon, Sony, and Canon are fighting back against AI images (NA)

  • AI-Created “Virtual Influencers” are stealing business from humans (AT)

  • Microsoft’s Surface laptops will reportedly be its first true ‘AI PCs’ (TV)

  • Baidu’s Ernie passes 100M users (R)

  • Chief Justice Roberts: Use AI in law ‘cautiously (SC)

  • The next frontier for humanoids in space (R)

AI Funding

Shield AI: A startup building an ‘AI pilot’ to turn aircraft autonomous, raised $300M at a $2.8B valuation (TC)

Qantas Labs: A commercial AI erosion impact prediction company raised $550K (FN)

AI Redefined: A pioneering force in human-AI collaboration tech raised $5M (BW)

Intrinsic: A startup building AI systems for trust and safety teams raised $3M (FN)

Jenesys AI: Raised $1M to integrate generative AI into transactional accounting (ES)

Myth AI: Raised $1M to reduce waste in the fashion industry (FN)

Distributional: Raises $11M to make AI safe, secure, and reliable (BW)

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