🥣 LEAKED: ChatGPT's Future Plans

PLUS: How AI Can Save You Money

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Here’s what we got on the docket:

  • ChatGPT accidentally leaked their future plans

  • How AI saved this guy $500/year

  • 3 Crunch-Certified AI tools

  • The Beatles are making one last song (with AI)

ChatGPT’s Future Plans LEAKED

Open AI CEO Sam Altman is back in headlines again. Surprised? Me neither.

He recently revealed Open AI’s plans for ChatGPT at a private meeting in London. But is anything actually private these days?

An attendee of the not-so private meeting straight up put it on the internet. Of course, it got taken down, but not before internet warriors archived it for eternity.

Here are the key things you need to know:

  • OpenAI wants to make GPT-4 (the model behind ChatGPT) cheaper and faster.

  • They want to enable users to feed and generate images with GPT-4 (hell yeah).

  • The lack of GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) is making Sam tremble in his boots… and seriously hampering OpenAI’s ability to scale their operations and app features.

The takeaway?

GPT-5 likely won’t be a massive upgrade from GPT-4… all because of the stupid GPU shortage.

Annoying, but at least they’re coming out with cool new plugins on the regular.

Read the leaked archived blog post here —>

🤑 How AI Saved Can Save You Money

So, there’s this cool ai tool called DoNotPay and it can save you some serious bread…

It’s a software that claims to be a “Robot Lawyer”, which is a fancy way of saying that it negotiates bills for you and you don’t have to do anything. 

It was initially built with GPT-3, but since it’s integration with GPT-4…

It’s hilariously aggressive.

And it even lies for you. If a customer service rep accuses it of being an AI it says, “No, I’m a customer who knows my rights.” 😂

I like to think of DoNotPay as a useful Karen. But, the keyword is “useful”.

It was useful for Nathan.

Nathan saved $500/year by giving DoNotPay it’s username and password for cable.

Check out the video here —>

🥣 3 Crunch-Certified AI Tools

Keyboard AI

Use ChatGPT anywhere on your iPhone.


Create professional videos (with an avatar that narrates them.)


Transform YouTube videos into ready-to-publish short-form videos for platforms like TikTok, Shorts, Reels, and more.

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