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  • 🥣 Mercedes is putting ChatGPT in their cars

🥣 Mercedes is putting ChatGPT in their cars

PLUS: How to generate realistic selfies (of famous people)

What’s up? Mr. Byte here (that’s right, I’ve got a name now). And this is The AI Crunch.

It’s Thursday, and if you’re rich, it’s still Thursday, but you can put ChatGPT in your car now.

Here’s what we’ve got today:

  • 🚙 Mercedes is putting ChatGPT in their cars

  • 🚨 Google revolutionizes online shopping with AI

  • 🤖 How to build a custom ChatGPT chatbot without code

  • 🎨 Midjourney Tutorial: How to generate realistic selfies (of famous people)

🚙 Mercedes Integrates ChatGPT In Their Cars

Mercedes is taking AI for a ride with it’s new ChatGPT integration, as an in-car voice assistant.

And it’s pretty cool. It starts off with exactly what you’d expect: saying, “Hey Mercedes” and then continuing with whatever you feel like.

Little bit too steamy in the car? “Hey Mercedes, turn on my AC.” It’ll do it.

Want to find a good burger on your way home? “Hey Mercedes, what’s the best burger spot around?…. Take me there.”

Why are they doing this? I think there’s 3 reasons:

  1. To make the voice commands more natural.

  2. Because it’s cool.

  3. Steal some clout on this AI wave everyone’s riding.

Sure, you could turn the AC on yourself…

But is that as cool as telling your car to do it for you? Absolutely not.

It’s super easy to join. If you’re a wealthy individual and own a Mercedes yourself, hop in your car and say, “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program,” and the update will install for free over satellite.

Useful tool or just another road distraction? We’ll let you decide.

🚨 Google’s New AI Clothing Try-On Tool

Have you ever bought a shirt online, eagerly waited for it to come in the mail, and when it finally arrives you find out it doesn’t fit for sh*t?

Yeah… it’s annoying.

Google is tackling this with their new AI try-on tool.

Shoppers can see how clothes look on real models with different body shapes and sizes.

This feature is powered by a new generative AI model which creates realistic and high-quality images with details such as draping, folding, stretching, and wrinkling.

In our opinion, this is a prime example of AI going full mainstream. Most of us early adopters are fascinated by the tech and the more complex applications, yes.

But, if this means I never get a shirt that’s 3 sizes too small again…

Then I’m pretty happy about it.

I’m just praying their gonna have some bowl-shaped models in there sooner or later.

🥣 3 Crunch-Certified AI Tools

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🎨 Midjourney Tutorial: How To Generate Selfies Of Famous Folk

I’m sure you’ve probably seen those viral AI images of a bunch of different famous people.

Well, today I’m gonna show you how you can make them yourself.

Here’s the prompt:

A hyper-realistic GoPro selfie of [Character] in [Location]. --ar 3:2 

And, here’s what it spits out:

Honest Abe

Darth Vader

Credit to @cakedroid on Twitter for the prompt.

Play with these by changing up the [Character] and [Location]. As you can see by the second one, it’s all up to your imagination.

Tag @TheAICrunch on Twitter, and show me what you came up with!

Visual of The Week

One is AI generated and one is not. Can you tell which one?

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