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PLUS: Bard Officially Becomes Gemini

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Hello AI Enthusiasts, welcome to another edition of The AI Crunch. Join us as we delve into noteworthy AI advancements and explore emerging trends in the tech realm. No frills, just a straightforward journey through the ever-changing landscape of digital innovations. Let's begin our exploration!

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ChatGPT Gets Memory

Welcome to the AI gossip mill! OpenAI has spiced things up by testing ChatGPT with memory. Yes, you heard it right – ChatGPT can now remember the nitty-gritty details of your conversations. Forget repeating yourself; ChatGPT's got a memory, and you're the puppet master. You can make it recall specific things, from meeting notes structures to your kid's odd love for jellyfish. However, tread carefully on this memory lane; the responsibility of wielding such power is in your hands. You can play around with memory settings, tell it to forget, or shut down the memory party altogether.

But wait, there's more for the enterprise moguls! If you're into serious business with ChatGPT, memory could be your new best friend. It learns your style, your coding preferences, and even your data-crunching habits. Imagine a world where ChatGPT creates monthly business reviews or drafts blog posts in your unique style without you lifting a finger. Of course, you remain the ultimate controller of your organization's data; memories in your workspace stay far away from the AI training grounds.

And don't think GPTs are left out of the memory game. Each GPT will soon have its memory, ensuring that your AI friends remember your preferences. Want book recommendations based on your favorite genres? Memory-enabled GPTs got you covered. Just keep in mind, while ChatGPT now remembers, so should you - there's a new era of AI with a memory, and it's here to stay.

Introducing Gemini: The Bard's Evolution

OpenAI's Bard has undergone a transformation, emerging as Gemini with exciting new features. Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager of Gemini experiences, unveils the latest advancements, including Ultra 1.0 and a companion mobile app. Formerly known as Bard, Gemini marks a significant leap forward in AI collaboration, empowering users worldwide to engage with Google's cutting-edge AI models effortlessly.

Gemini Advanced debuts with Ultra 1.0, boasting superior capabilities in coding, logical reasoning, and creative collaboration. Users can expect personalized tutoring, advanced coding support, and tailored content creation assistance. With Gemini Advanced, longer, more detailed conversations are now possible, accompanied by enhanced contextual understanding from previous interactions.

Notably, Gemini's expansion extends to mobile platforms with a dedicated app for Android and integration into the Google app on iOS. This mobile experience promises convenient access to Gemini's versatile capabilities, enabling on-the-go assistance through text, voice, and image inputs. Whether seeking help with a flat tire, crafting custom images, or drafting messages, Gemini's conversational prowess makes everyday tasks a breeze. Available initially in English, with further language support underway, Gemini heralds a new era of AI accessibility and functionality.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • OpenAI on track to hit $2B annualized revenue (FT)

  • Apple just released MGIE, an AI system for editing images (ARX)

  • Stability AI launched the first update to their model (HF)

  • Elizabeth Kelly appointed to head the newly formed AI Safety Institute (ABC)

  • OpenAI is forming a Child Safety team (TC)

  • Microsoft is aiming to equip 2M people in India with AI skills by 2025 (MS)

  • Airbnb plans to launch an AI-driven concierge (TC)

  • US Patent Office: only humans, not AI or robots, can hold patents (DOC)

  • Microsoft’s Copilot now rocks a fresh look (VB)

  • Musk to fund AI project to decipher Roman scrolls (WW)

  • Brilliant Labs announced Frame, AI glasses (X)

  • AI made a splash in Super Bowl ads this year (AW)

AI Funding

AI.Fashion: Startup using AI to enhance the fashion industry raised $4M (FN)

Simplify: Startup using AI to optimize job applications raised $3M (TC)

Daedalus: Startup building factories powered by AI raised $21M (TC)

Ezra: A healthcare AI company raised $21M (BW)

Marqo: Raised $13M to build next-gen vector search (M)

Cascading AI: A fintech startup automating the loan application and origination process using AI raised $4M (VC)

Greyparrot: AI waste analytics startup raised $13M (FN)

Reken: AI and cybersecurity startup raised $10M (FN)

Quilter: An AI company building generative circuit board design software raised $10M (FN)

Document Crunch: An AI-powered contract platform raised $9M (FN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • Beeyondai AI: Your all-In-one AI digital assistant

  • Papermark: Open source docsend alternative

  • Alter AI: Generate professional headshots from selfies

  • Vibrato: Voice AI phone calls

  • Video Summary AI: Educational summaries of long YouTube videos in your language

  • Caption: Generate social media posts with ease

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