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Hello, AI Explorers! Mr. Byte here, your navigator through the digital cosmos, gearing up for a new journey in The AI Crunch. Picture us as astronauts venturing into the uncharted territories of tech innovations. We've compiled an array of astounding AI updates, ready to take you on a voyage through the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence. Buckle up and prepare to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge advancements that are reshaping our world. Let's embark on this adventure and discover the future, one byte at a time!

Top Stories

Google's 2024 AI ambitions LEAKED

Google's setting some lofty goals for 2024, with AI taking center stage. In a classic Google fashion (leaked document and all), they're aiming to create the "world’s most advanced, safe, and responsible AI." Ambitious much? They've also got their eyes on enhancing personal computing, empowering businesses on Google Cloud, and building trust in their products.

CEO Sundar Pichai is talking about "tough choices" and efficiency, which is corporate speak for 'brace yourselves, more layoffs are coming.' Despite their grand AI dreams, Google is playing catch-up with Microsoft and OpenAI, especially in AI technology and deployment. Their Gemini models? Barely keeping pace with OpenAI's offerings.

Google's trying to sprinkle AI magic into its existing products, but a standout AI hit like ChatGPT is still missing from their portfolio. Even their Bard chatbot is trailing behind in popularity. And let's not forget, Microsoft's cloud business is zooming past Google's, thanks to their OpenAI team-up.

On the bright side, the expected AI disruption of Google's search business hasn't happened. Yet, Google search is feeling the heat from AI-generated spam. So, while Google's setting their sights high for AI in 2024, they've got quite a mountain to climb.

Zuck’s New AI Goals

Mark Zuckerberg's got a new toy in mind, and it's called artificial general intelligence (AGI). He's not exactly sure what it is or when it'll be ready, but he's all in on this race alongside OpenAI and Google. In typical Zuckerberg fashion, he's shaking up Meta's AI division, blending research and product development to get AI goodies directly into the hands of users – because why not?

Here's the deal: Zuckerberg wants to play nice by keeping things open-source, unlike some of his rivals who started open but then decided their AI toys were too precious to share. He’s hinting that this 'openness' might be the way to go, as long as it's "safe and responsible," whatever that means.

Meta’s pouring resources into this, owning an impressive fleet of Nvidia’s GPUs – you know, just in case you doubted their commitment. They're betting big on AI, even if it means facing a tough talent war and throwing around million-dollar salaries like confetti.

But wait, there's more. Zuckerberg's vision isn’t just about AI chatbots; he's thinking AI characters in virtual worlds and AI-generated content. All this while still trying to convince everyone that the metaverse is totally still a thing.


Quick bites to start your morning:

  • TikTok is testing an AI song-generation feature (TV)

  • After Hollywood writers went on strike… now the musicians turn (V)

  • Meta introduces Mosiac-SDF for 3D shape generation (X)

  • Bloomberg is rolling out AI summaries in its terminals (II)

  • Google launches Gemini-powered search ads (TC)

  • Etsy introduces generative AI to its platform (TC)

  • Chrome gains AI features (TC)

  • OpenAI partners with Arizona State University (TV)

  • New version of X’s Grok AI will be out next month (X)

  • Stability AI unveiled Stable LM 2 1.6B, a small LLM (SA)

  • Samsung teases upcoming ‘Galaxy Ring’ health tracker with AI (925)

  • BMW & Figure take on Tesla’s robot (R)

  • Sam Altman is still chasing billions to build AI chips (TV)

  • Samsung will incorporate Google’s Gemini into the Galaxy S24 Series (SN)

AI Funding

Qdrant: Open-source vector database startup raised $28M (TC)

Norm Ai: A startup building a regulatory AI agent platform raised $11M (PRN)

ElevenLabs: Voice cloning startup raised $80M at $1B+ valuation (TC)

Artisse AI: Startup specializing in human-centric AI image tech raised $7M (FN)

Recraft: An AI graphic design generator raised $12M (TC)

CloudTalk: An AI-powered calling solution raised $28M (PRN)

TravelPerk: Spanish travel AI software unicorn raised $104M (TFN)

Mediterranean Food Lab: Raises $17M series A to scale up AI-powered solid-state fermentation tech (AFN)

AI Tools

Newest AI tools (AI Tool Leaderboards):

  • GymGenie: Create custom workout routines based on gym goals

  • Profile Picture AI: Create perfect profile pic with AI

  • Quizgecko: AI-powered quiz generator to make trivia questions

  • HoppyCopy: Create high-converting AI-generated emails

  • Riffusion: Create music from text with styles, instruments, and genres

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